CBD Oil For Anxiety Treatment

CBD oil for anxietyModern world is trying to find out ways and means to solve the problem of anxiety. There are medicines to provide relief from the problem and people do take those sedatives to get relief. These medicines do have their side effects and they affect one or more than one part of the body. These side effects have made the scientists to search for the natural or organic solution to the problem of anxiety. CBD oil for anxiety treatment is proving to be quite beneficial as it does not have any side effects whatsoever thus arousing the interest of medical fraternity to go for the extensive research on the CBD oil.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is the state of over excitement of mind in response to extra ordinary conditions which may incite fear or nervousness. This is the condition which requires extra efforts from your end to come out of the situation. Generally, this feeling gets settled as the situation returns to normal. In some people, this state of mind is elevated to such an extent that it requires extra medication to get relief from the situation. CBD oil for anxiety is growing popularity day by day.

How does CBD oil help in the treatment of anxiety?

Serotonin receptor found in brain is responsible for the cause of anxiety. It is found that when there is lack of serotonin receptor in brain the feeling of anxiety is increased. When the brain has ample of serotonin it sends signal to all the parts of the body and the feeling is subsided and replaced with the feeling of happiness and calmness.

Research regarding the usage of CBD oil for anxiety treatment is in sub clinical stage but early indications show that the patients who were treated with CBD oil showed signs of improvement. It is believed that it also accelerates the process of sending signals of serotonin to all the parts of the body. Hippocampus is the area of the brain which is responsible for the emotional balance in a person. Scan of the person suffering from the anxiety problem was found to have smaller hippocampus than the healthy person. Clinical researches on the mice show that when the CBD oil is given to the mice on a regular basis, the development of new neurons was observed means development of hippocampus. Thus, if CBD oil is given for a longer duration of time it can result in the growth of hippocampuss resulting in the emotional balance of the brain and permanent treatment from the problem of anxiety. CBD oil is free from the intoxicating effect for which it is banned in many countries.

People use CBD oil for anxiety treatment and it is further used to give relief to the patients undergoing excessive pain due to chemotherapy. It is also credited with increasing the inhaling capacity of lungs. Although, there are many more benefits claimed by the supporters of usage of CBD oil for clinical purposes but all these benefits are still to be proved, although showed proving the hypothesis but it is still under research. If proven correct than it could bring a breakthrough in clinical research.